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Video static problems and solutions
PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:09 am Reply with quote
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My pcHDTV card (5500) was having the "Video static" problem that plagues some people. In my particular case, the problem seemed to happen only on certain channels, and not all of the time. The severity of the problem would vary but it was impossible to link the variations to anything.

I found several other posts about this and similar problems, each with a different solution. None of the solutions worked for me. I was almost at the end of my rope when I found a fix for my version of this problem.

I thought I would take this opportunity to consolidate all the solutions I have read about as well as the one I found. Maybe others who have the video static problem will find the solution here.

  • Make sure your kernel is not compiled without CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE (Processor type and features->Preemption Model). Use one of the "Desktop" preemption models instead of the "Server" model.
  • Make sure your kernel is compiled with correct processor family. (Processor type and features->Processor family)
  • Make sure your power supply is up to the task (the theory is that a weak power supply might not be able to fully drive the PCI bus)
  • Move your SATA cables away from your tuner cards and/or get shielded ones (the theory is that that EMI from the cables bleeds into the cards)
  • Switch from SATA to IDE, or vice versa (the theory is that some IDE controllers work better than SATA and vice versa)
  • Get a new motherboard with different SATA driver chips (the theory is that some SATA chips are crap)
  • Remove your Hauppauge tuner card (the theory is that it doesn't play nicely on the PCI bus -- I found this to be untrue)
  • Change the order of your tuner cards (the theory is that some PCI slots have higher priority than others)
  • If your BIOS supports it, turn off the "spread spectrum" CPU clock option (the theory is that slight shifts in the CPU clock causes timing problems when streaming data from the PCI bus)

In my case, it was the preemption model. Most of the other reasonable solutions did not work for me, but I have read posts by others who claim that they did the trick.

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Video static problems and solutions
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