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Should HD-3000 work with KnoppMyth R5A15 out of the box?
PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2005 10:38 am Reply with quote
Joined: 12 Apr 2005
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Finally got time to build my MythTV box (Antec Aria case, Abit IS-10 motherboard, P4 2.8 Northwood CPU, 2GB RAM, HD-3000 tuner, with a temporary klunky old CD-R drive and 10 GB ATA disk for initial testing) and did an automatic install of KnoppMyth R5A15. (I chose KnoppMyth since I don't have much time to tinker with this stuff any more, having become a husband / father.)

Anyway, the kernel reports the 'cx88' driver found the Thomson ATSC/NTSC and registers video0, vbi0 and radio0 (so, does this thing have an FM tuner, and how can I use it?). I can also use xawtv to watch the NTSC channels, so I know the tuner card is OK.

However, after setting up Myth to use /dev/video0 as NTSC, downloading the Zap2It channel guide, etc., when I try to watch live TV, mythbackend logs:

HD1 error reading from device
read: Input/output error
HD5 Error: could not obtain sync

after which it says it could not obtain data from the capture card in 15 seconds, and is changing from WatchingLiveTV to None. Then mythbackend appears to die without logging any messages ('ps' doesn't show it any more, and the Myth GUI complains that it can't be contacted).

In addition, when I use dtvsignal /dev/video1 34 (for the local "Channel 9" digital broadcast frequency) I am told that /dev/video1 doesn't exist; however, /sbin/lsmod shows me that cx88_dvb and cx88_atsc are loaded.

The CD which came with the tuner card mentions rebuilding the software in order to be able to use xine-hd with the digital tuner; however, I'm not able to get the analog side working through Myth yet (and I'm hopeful that KnoppMyth already supports this card without further tweaking necessary, since it is listed as one of the input choices).

As you may be able to tell from what I've tried above, I've been looking around in various forums in an attempt to figure this out. In any case, if someone is aware of an issue with the latest KnoppMyth distribution with respect to this card, and/or can point me to an earlier version which works, and/or can suggest a fix, I'd be most grateful!


Charles Green
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Re: Should HD-3000 work with KnoppMyth R5A15 out of the box?
PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2005 12:00 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
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Location: San Francisco, CA

If you want a relatively quick/painless install, I'd go with R5A12 for now. The new builds have switched to the DVB driver, and it really complicates things greatly.

I have an R5A12 machine with both a HD2000 and HD3000 installed. Works quite well for recording and playback of all my shows (even recording two shows at once from time to time).

I haven't had a lot of luck with watching real-time lately, as it seems to have trouble after switching channels a few times. This isn't a big deal for me, since time-shifting is the whole idea Smile

After install, it will put you into mythtv-setup. Make sure you've signed up for a zap2it account, and set up the channels you want there. Then here are my notes for quick setup (sorry if cryptic....not originally written for others):


Yes to both questions (delete settings)
     You will now be in mythtv setup (future: cd /usr/local/bin on console, then run: ./mythtv-setup)
      1) General
         Hit Next twice, on third page (Global Backend Setup)
            change TV format to ATSC
            change "Channel Frequency table:" to us-bcast
         Hit Next until back to menu
      2) Capture cards (HD3000)
            Hit "New capture card"
         Card Type = pcHDTV ATSC capture card
         Video device = /dev/video32
         Television should pop up under Default input
         Hit Finish, esc to main menu
      3) Video sources
         Hit "New video source"
         Video source name (up to you, I use "HDTV")
         XMLTV = Datadirect, enter your name and password
         Hit "retrieve lineup", you should now see your linup listed under data direct linup
         hit "finish", esc to main menu
      4) Input connections
         hit top one (Television)
          Video source = "HDTV" or whatever you entered in step (3)
          Starting channel = known good Digital station (e.g. 19-1)
          hit "finish", esc to main menu
      5) escape out and let mythfilldatabase run
      6) connect to your machine via a web browser
         Click MythWeb
         Go to Settings --> Channels
         Set all the "channum" to the same as freqid, mine look like:

After spending literally MONTHS trying to get various distros to work with the HD2000 and HD3000, I started using KnoppMyth and never looked back. It shaves a HUGE amount of time off the setup, as it basically takes care of all the hard stuff (getting the drivers to work) for you. I'm not sure about the new direction with the DVB drivers, but I'm sure it will eventually be a good thing.

Good luck.
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Mythfrontend segfault (Was Re: Should HD-3000 work...
PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 4:52 am Reply with quote
Joined: 12 Apr 2005
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Thanks for the response! My problem after switching back and trying the older version before getting your posting may have been partly specifying the starting channel ID (apparently it has to agree with the 'channum' labels) and partly with specifying the video device (I saw video0 registered by the driver, saw video1 described as the one to use for digital TV in other posts, and when I couldn't get the newer software release working I think I gave up on using the default video32 setting).

Anyway, I was able to successfully record a program last night. My next problem is almost certainly not pcHDTV-specific, but when I try to view the prerecorded program (or live tv), 'mythfrontend' segfaults. I turned on verbose and logging, and didn't see anything that looked particularly informative:

mythfrontend version 0.17.20050130-1
Realtime priority would require SUID as root
61500 bytes free on soundcard
58172 bytes free on soundcard
58940 bytes free on soundcard
OutputAudioLoop: StopEvent

And that's it. I'm running with the Abit IS-10's onboard video (I want to get this basic platform up and running before investing any more money in it), and I've been able to watch analog video through the tuner card in full-screen mode with whatever that other X-based TV viewer is called (not at the new machine now, since I don't even think the KnoppMyth distribution has a web browser), so I'm hoping it's not some fundamental hardware issue.

Thanks again,

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PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 6:00 am Reply with quote
chips & sauce
Joined: 03 May 2005
Posts: 13

Did you try a different viewer (xine, mplayer) on the program you were able to record? Assuming it was DTV, it sounds like the recording itself must have gone ok. (I think the large nuv files wind up /myth/tv - if you have a big nuv file there then hopefully that means you will have something to watch - eventually...)

Getting a seg fault trying to watch video in the frontend makes me think its something kind of fundamental. I'm a little predisposed to be suspicious of the onboard video (or maybe its drivers/configuration), but I don't know nearly enough about that to advise you. I don't think I have ever seen anyone claim to get a pchdtv setup working with onboard video (unless maybe the motherboard had an Nvidia chipset or something). Being able to get live full screen NTSC does seem to suggest you've got all the video bandwidth you might need - but is there a fork in the road somewhere between what the NTSC viewer is doing and what the myth frontend wants to do? That's something I don't know just yet - hopefully someone with the right expertise can comment.

Like a lot of others I have seen mention it, I have an FX5200-based video card, and I haven't had any problems with it that I didn't cause somehow. Although we are stuck with Nvidia's binary drivers it has worked reasonably well so far. As video cards go it was also relatively inexpensive. I understand you wanted to proceed cautiously on the hardware, but if you can find a version of an FX5200 that has the output options you need it might be worth a shot.

I did not see mention of it, but is your signal strength good? If you were able to get all the way through recording a program with myth I'm guessing it's ok... My primary issues all stem from signal strength, but addressing that is going to be all antennas, preamps, and cable for me...
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PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 4:12 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 51
Location: San Francisco, CA

Happy to see that you are making progress.

I'd like to chime in with "chips & sauce" and suggest a Nvidia FX5200. It takes quite a bit of juice to properly display massive HDTV MPEG2 files, and onboard video will hardly ever cut it.

I paid about $75 for my card, and it works great. It's now $54 at newegg. They are also usually fanless, so very quiet. I recommend the Albatron, but any FX5200 should work.

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 3:07 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 12

Thanks for the suggestions!

I borrowed an AGP card from an unused desktop at work for a quick test, and sure enough I got a display in both live TV and playing a recorded show. It was jumpy / fractured, however, so I took the info reported by the OS and determined the card was a GeForce 2 - nv15 chip, apparently AGP 4x, and presumably too slow to pull this off. When I get home this evening, I should have the FX 5200 recommended by so many (my wife was nice enough to stop by CompUSA for a few parts for her Mother's day present I'm building Idea ). But I'd still like to figure out how to get whatever driver belongs to the onboard video installed, and see if it's fast enough, in conjunction with the 2.8 GHz HT P4 with 800MHz bus, to do HDTV as well. (Especially since the MicroCenter version of the card appears to have a fan, even though it has a 200 MHz clock as opposed to the 250 MHz I noticed in some versions which did not have a fan.)

Yesterday I'd also received my SATA hard drive, and tried configuring it together with the ATA CD-ROM (attempting to make it appear as the master device on the first IDE bus so that the automatic install will use it), but apparently hit some sort of addressing conflict which prevented Knoppix from continuing to boot once it enabled DMA. I'll tackle that one shortly.

One question I have, though, is whether / how I can set up my HD-3000 so that I can view both analog and digital channels? I have the digital ones working, probably by virtue of having specified 'ATSC' in one of the configuration screens, and I haven't noticed anything in forums or FAQs about being able to tune both types of channels simultaneously.

Thanks again,

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Should HD-3000 work with KnoppMyth R5A15 out of the box?
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