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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 10:05 am Reply with quote
Scott Larson
Joined: 15 Oct 2003
Posts: 713
Location: Portland, OR

I just need (or needed) something that I could run for an hour and would tell me the lowest strength reading it got for that entire time. 360 samples wouldn't have been enough. Since my dropouts were short and rare, I would have needed more like a thousand samples.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 2:12 am Reply with quote
Joined: 05 Feb 2004
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john.anthony.brown wrote:
I wonder if all our problems really just boil down to bad reception or poor drivers.

The cx2388x MPEG stuff is pretty new. The HD2000 was based on fairly stable pre-existing bt8xx codebase with the V4L drivers, so it had few problems from the existing code base, and few problems from the simplicity of the interface to the Oren chip.

That all changed with cx2388x. It's functionally the same but it sure isn't logically the same at all. Things are scattered all over the place compared to the old bt8xx V4L drivers.

I'm a big fan of monolithic drivers that only do what you tell them for one device, but no one else is because they want to re-use code. That's fine, as long as you re-use the code properly.

I submitted the changes to or51132.c to mkrufky, so maybe someone at linuxtv.org will notice how poorly the DVB driver performs compared to the old pcHDTV supplied ATSC V4L drivers which worked well.

It's tough being on the bleeding edge of driver change especially considering the upheavals that v4l and dvb have both gone through recently, but things look to be all consolidated again, at linuxtv.org.

I'm about to go try latest linuxtv.org snapshot to see if it fails with or without my patches to or51132.c

One reason why I can't tell how long driver will stay running, is because I'm always having to update my own driver to find bugs in the latest implementations, so I seldom get the chance to go an entire week without restarting pchdtvr with a new driver set.

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Pretty Happy Now
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 11:40 am Reply with quote
Joined: 31 Oct 2005
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I've finally got a decent setup now.

By decent I mean the following:

- QAM tuning works (I get about 6 local HD channels in the clear over Annapolis Comcast)
- mplayer is playing without crashing every 5 seconds (using the -cache 81920 option was the key difference for me). Typically I can watch live broadcasts for 1.5 hours before mplayer quits with complaints about a52 problems.

I will post again later on the steps I had to take to get QAM working (I use the mepis flavor of debian).
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 10:51 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 24 Nov 2004
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Although I'm interested in the technical details, I use the HD3000 (two of them) for routine recording and play back. I also have 3 different ATSC tuners which I use to just watch live HDTV and the HD3000's are every bit as good hardware-wise. What I like most is that using HD3000's and the open source software in addition to giving me the ability to record and schedule recordings of HDTV gives me MUCH greater control over display than the free-standing ATSC tuners. Using the HD3000's I have almost complete control over aspect ratio and other details that none of the tuners I have can match. (I have a widescreen 38" RCA HDTV with built-in ATSC and NTSC tuners - the best display I've ever seen bar none - but it has minimal control over display - very limited control of aspect ratio - you can't tweak anything - you would have to bring in a repair technician.)

I have two Athlon 64 systems - one running Fedora Core 2 and the other running FC4. I use xine and dtvstream on the FC2 system - this works fine - but there are some definite bugs in the software - but I use it every day and it works acceptably well (even the stand-alone tuners can have software problems that you can rarely get fixed - for example, the first 38" RCA I bought had a software bug that caused the display via the component inputs (e.g., using a DVD player) to blank for a few seconds EVERY 28 minutes. The only solution was to have the set replaced under waranty - not easy thing to do given the set weighs over 230 lbs!)

The FC4 system has all the latest OS and application patches and uses mplayer and pchdtvr. This system is almost bug free - it's VERY stable and I haven't noticed any problems. The newer software is definitely better. I originally planned to install MythTV but as others have said it's overkill for me. I use crontab to schedule the recordings using pchdtvr and play back with mplayer. It's simple and foolproof. I can change the recording schedule remotely and check on recording status if I have to - even if I would only have a slow connection.

I'm completely happy with the HD3000's. When I first started with the HD3000 I had some problems that I incorrectly thought were due to a faulty HD3000. Kelliher offered immediately to replace the unit (and sent another HD3000). But with a tiny bit of effort and learning on my part I was able to get everything working (it helps to read the docs carefully and thoroughly).

Usually the only time I write into the forum is when I have a question or a problem.

Rick B.
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Hd-3000 system working ok
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:07 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 01 Mar 2005
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Location: Greater Portland ME joined jan'05

I posted something similar to this in another forum here, but here goes:
I originally wanted to build a "shuttle pc" type box that would get HDTV off the air. One, to demo what HDTV is, AND two, I could bring it to work with rabbit ears equivalent and record shows OTA.

I spent 2 years on this a lot of money, learned a lot about the Linux world and the VERY dedicated people that helped me.

I was not going to drop the ball. Lately, with all the "new" home media/hdtv hoopla, I had to get a system going to demo that there are alternatives to locked down expensive and unsupported (without paying big bucks) to enjoy HDTV in your home.

I thought I'd invest in a guaranteed ATSC system. Runs on Knoppmyth, and you can go to their site and get all the info you need to build your own or buy the hardware from them.

I now am using the Mythic Dragon to routinely record OTA Superbowl and now olympics.

This system works well, but not for prime time.

Sound had to be patched, but next knoppmyth release will have that I believe.

I bought this in hopes that I could sell it to the "sports car tinkerer" in my brick and mortar store, or when calibrating new home theaters I could promote the open system concept.

Ironically when I go to get certified for calibration, other classes are pushing the M$ HMC stuff.

In any case The HD-3000 is working very reliably for me.
and a big BUT.
It must,(the card, Dragon system or both) need a perfect signal or everything crashes and burns.

The myth menus look nice but they are not enabled, tweaked or guaranteed to work.

To wrap it up, the Dragon system proves the HD-3000 works perfectly in a strong signal area.
Although I'm enjoying mythweb, music over lan, etc. none of this is guaranteed.
Dragon will give you ATSC OTA one tuner, and output it to a computer monitor.

As we all know HDCP will kill all of this.
Enjoy.. JIm
Look for my earlier posts on trying to get a system running, now I have one.

Always loved my enhanced tivo, but hurts to watch NTSC quality now.

Stars Up, Lights Down... International Darksky Association... Be a good neighbor, shield/turn off your lights.
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Anyone honestly have a decent hd3k setup?
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