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xawtv input port selection patch
PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2004 6:40 am Reply with quote
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(V4L2 not completed, so doesn't work for kernel 2.6 or kernel 2.4s updated to v4l2.)

Adds ability to select first or second input port (of HD-2000 cards) in xawtv.

If you were wondering about using the second input, or receiving NTSC, or both, this patch is for you; this will quench your questions once and for all.

Now you can, for instance, put cable on one of your inputs, and antenna on the other, then use xawtv to tune to either for NTSC stations; or you can put two different cable inputs into the card for two-line cable locations and use xawtv to watch NTSC on both; or you can put two different antennas on the inputs, and use xawtv to watch NTSC from either (such as VHF antenna on one, and directional UHF on another, mainly for ATSC, but also usable for some of your local NTSC stations). Or, you can output on channel 3 from your converter box or VCR to one input on the HD-2000, and receive antenna on the other. Whatever you can think of ...

"Aux" is the second port, and "Main" is the first (default) port, using what I could remember of the naming scheme used elsewhere. I actually think "1" and "0" (respectively) would be better.

I also am having difficulty choosing a name for this attribute. In this patch, I chose "port", then in the README I admonished it should be changed to something more like "tuner_input" which actually makes sense with respect to driver architecture in v4l.

I almost forgot: the patch is incomplete; I think I didn't fix v4l2 and all the other operating systems, but I started to when I wasn't paying attention (I was half asleep when I did most of this). This, once again, is another of my fairly simple-minded patches. I think it's a fine experimental template for further development, and it sure seems quite usable right now for xawtv users who have HD-2000 cards.

Don't forget -p2 option to patch (instead of -p1); use the following command to apply patch:

cd xawtv-3.86
bzip2 -dc ....patch.bz2 | patch -p2

For clarification, in response to questions above: only one input may work at a time (AFAIK).

(I did not test btaudio yet in my setup; I assume that has nothing to do with my patch, but it's something I still have to do, and one place I want to test it is in xawtv, so I thought I'd mention it just in case it does matter, but I really can't see how.)

Unknown whether PAL works with that (xawtv starts in PAL mode, I think).

I get a blue screen when selecting "input"; is that unwired on the card? (Someday I should look!)

I have a question: what is the largest resolution screen we can receive with HD-2000 in NTSC? While testing a bit in xawtv, the resolution looked kind of small. Can an xawtv and bttv/bt8x8 user tell me what is happening? How do I set that in xawtv?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 1:13 pm Reply with quote

The card has a standard bt878 so you should be able to get 720x480.

I don't think the card can support btaudio. While the pci listing does show an audio capture device, it is not wired to something. For example, typically a card would have an msp34xx chip which does the analog -> digital conversion. This was apparantly another cut corner in order to get the card to market. What's worse, the anolog bridge cable is monaural. Sucks.

Another problem with the btaudio driver is it seems to have a resource conflict problem with the pchdtv bttv driver. If you load btaudio first, bttv will lock your computer pretty good. I think that's because it handles the EBUSY error less than gracefully. If you load btaudio after bttv, btaudio refuses to load (without crashing the OS) indicating a resource conflict.
2nd tuner input
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