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Mandriva x86_64 and 5500 - driver problem
PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 2:39 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2006
Posts: 46
Location: Simi Valley, CA, USA

Hi all -

I'm trying to set up MythTV on this Athlon-64 box using Mandriva 2006.0/x86_64 and a pcHDTV-5500 card. I have all the 64-bit RPMs for the Myth software, so that's not a problem (though I'm having some issues getting the database set up in MySQL).

Anyway, on the hardware side: I compiled and installed the v4l/dvb drivers from pcHDTV.com without any problems. This machine is using the next-to-the latest Mandriva x86_64 stock kernel (2.6.12-25mdk for x86_64, release date 18 August).

However, when the box reboots, it can't seem to load the modules. Here's a snippet from dmesg:


Linux video capture interface: v1.00
compat_ioctl32: Unknown symbol v4l_printk_ioctl
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_adstech_dvb_t_pci
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_iodata_bctv7e
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_pixelview
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_avertv_303
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_cinergy_1400
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_dntv_live_dvbt_pro
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_dntv_live_dvb_t
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_codes_msi_tvanywhere
cx88xx: Unknown symbol ir_decode_pulsedistance
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_reset
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_call_i2c_clients
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_wakeup
cx8800: Unknown symbol v4l_printk_ioctl_arg
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_risc_stopper
cx8800: Unknown symbol v4l_compat_ioctl32
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_print_irqbits
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_set_scale
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_shutdown
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_vdev_init
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_core_put
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_audio_thread
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_core_irq
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_core_get
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_get_stereo
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_set_tvnorm
cx8800: Unknown symbol v4l_printk_ioctl
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_risc_buffer
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_set_stereo
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_sram_channels
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_set_tvaudio
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_sram_channel_dump
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_sram_channel_setup
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_free_buffer
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_boards
cx8800: Unknown symbol cx88_newstation
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_reset
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_wakeup
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_risc_stopper
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_print_irqbits
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_shutdown
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_core_irq
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_sram_channels
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_sram_channel_dump
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_sram_channel_setup
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_free_buffer
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_boards
cx8802: Unknown symbol cx88_risc_databuffer
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx8802_fini_common
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_set_scale
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_vdev_init
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_core_put
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_core_get
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx8802_resume_common
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol v4l_printk_ioctl
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx8802_buf_prepare
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_do_ioctl
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx8802_init_common
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_free_buffer
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx88_boards
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx8802_buf_queue
cx88_blackbird: Unknown symbol cx8802_suspend_common

Can someone give me a clue as to what's up? Are these drivers usable with 64-bit kernels??


"Software is like sex. It's better when it's free." - Linus Torvalds
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Fixed, mostly
PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 11:24 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2006
Posts: 46
Location: Simi Valley, CA, USA

OK, screw it.....I got tired of messing with it and downloaded the latest bleeding-edge release-candidate stock kernel (2.6.18-rc5) and compiled it for AMD64 ( k8 ).

I now have a working tuner (though cx88-dvb does not load automatically, I have to modprobe it manually, and the kernel doesn't seem to have the NVidia mobo sensor drivers, either).

However, I'm only getting the basic SDTV channels (2-158) when scanning with dtvscan (which iwill only run as root, BTW).

All of the HDTV channels I get are *not* encrypted (they're the local channels broadcast via cable, ESPN, Discovery, etc. - not HBO, etc.). They're all numbered over 900.

Supposedly this card should be able to handle unencrypted HDTV directly off the cable, right??

Also, I'm seeing these in /var/log/syslog:

Aug 28 23:11:44 vader kernel: lgdt330x: lgdt330x_set_parameters: Modulation type(6) UNSUPPORTED
Aug 28 23:11:45 vader kernel: KERN_WARNING lgdt330x: lgdt3303_read_status: Modulation set to unsupported value

lgdt330x is a module that gets pulled in by cx88-dvb:

[root@vader: /home/rcs/mythtv/temp/dvb-atsc-tools-1.0.3]$ lsmod | grep cx
cx88_dvb               13636  0
cx88_vp3054_i2c         4864  1 cx88_dvb
mt352                   7300  1 cx88_dvb
dvb_pll                13636  1 cx88_dvb
or51132                10180  1 cx88_dvb
video_buf_dvb           5124  1 cx88_dvb
nxt200x                13892  1 cx88_dvb
isl6421                 2368  1 cx88_dvb
zl10353                 5572  1 cx88_dvb
cx24123                13000  1 cx88_dvb
lgdt330x                8860  1 cx88_dvb
cx22702                 6532  1 cx88_dvb
cx8802                 10628  1 cx88_dvb
cx2341x                11204  0
cx8800                 33356  0
cx88xx                 61476  3 cx88_dvb,cx8802,cx8800
ir_common              26180  1 cx88xx
i2c_algo_bit            9032  2 cx88_vp3054_i2c,cx88xx
video_buf              22916  5 cx88_dvb,video_buf_dvb,cx8802,cx8800,cx88xx
tveeprom               16592  1 cx88xx
i2c_core               19032  20 cx88_dvb,mt352,dvb_pll,or51132,nxt200x,isl6421,zl10353,cx24123,lgdt330x,cx22702,i2c_dev,it87,eeprom,i2c_isa,i2c_viapro,nvidia,tuner,cx88xx,i2c_algo_bit,tveeprom
compat_ioctl32          9152  1 cx8800
btcx_risc               4552  3 cx8802,cx8800,cx88xx
videodev               24576  2 cx8800,cx88xx
v4l1_compat            12996  2 cx8800,videodev
v4l2_common            24256  5 cx2341x,tuner,cx8800,compat_ioctl32,videodev

Anything I'm missing here?


"Software is like sex. It's better when it's free." - Linus Torvalds
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Mandriva x86_64 and 5500 - driver problem
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