The pcHDTV™ HD-3000 Hi Definition Television Card is the most popular and best supported next generation digital television card available and is specially designed for the Linux OS. Each card is shipped with a custom HDTV version of Xine Media Player to provide playback on your computer monitor or even TV if the computer is connected to one. Also, the popular Linux media center project, MythTV, includes complete support for the card and its HDTV support was designed around pcHDTV HDTV cards.

The price is now reduced to only $169.98 and volume discounts start with just 2 cards for $4.98 savings on each card or $9.98 on 5 or more cards

The HD-3000 Hi Definition Television PCI Card is an universal PCI 2.2 compliant card. The card receives NTSC, ATSC and Cable/QAM Signals and converts them to digital streams which are transported across the PCI bus. Display and MPEG2 decoding are done on the host computer in software and displayed on the computers monitor. The pcHDTV Hi Definition PCI card is based on Oren Semiconductor's ATSC receiver chip and Conexant's CX23883 NTSC receiver chip providing excellent HD and SD reception.

Key Features:



Card Specifications

The product includes source code for xine-hd and modified xine player for
the HD-3000 and the HD-3000 modified V4L video driver both under the GPL.